OMZ-Crane Ltd. exhibits its highly productive radioactive effluent recycling unit project in China

26 April 2006 (11:24)

Last week, and exhibition called ‘China’s nuclear industry 2006’ was held in Beijing. Businesses dealing in nuclear power plant equipment found themselves greatly impressed by the Russian highly productive radioactive effluent recycling unit project. The project was designed by the developers of OMZ-Crane (part of OMZ-Uralmash division), reports the spokesperson for OMZ-Uralmash.

Among the potential buyers were AREVA of France and Westinghouse of the USA, both involved in tenders for the supply of equipment to two Chinese power stations. Some negotiations have already taken place.

The project has been developed in full compliance with the technology of cementing the radioactive effluent originally designed by SverdNIIkhimmash, Russia’s leading researcher on recycling technologies for radioactive effluent and other kinds of nuclear waste. The first such unit is currently being assembled at Uralmashzavod of Yekaterinburg for Kursk nuclear power station; more contracts with other Russian nuclear power stations are highly likely as well.

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