Dorstroyinvest Ltd possibly buys shareholding of Uraltransbank in third party’s interests

16 March 2006 (12:26)

On March 14, 2006 1.4% shareholding of Uraltransbank was sold at an auction. The shareholding was put up to the auction by a Gazprom subsidiary, Uraltransgaz Ltd, within the framework of Gazprom getting rid of its marginal assets. The shareholding was acquired by Dorstroyinvest Ltd. According to the spokesperson for Uraltransbank, Dorstroyinvest paid 10 million RUR for the shares, whereas the opening bid was 5 million RUR.

Dorstroyinvest Ltd is located at 10 Tramvayny Lane, Yekaterinburg. It might have acted in the third party’s interests.

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