Sverdlovsk Region Government to keep 17.28% stake at Koltsovo Airport

22 January 2015 (13:36)

January 22, 2015. Sverdlovsk Region Government is not going to sell its 17.28% shareholding in Koltsovo Airport, the Public Property Management Ministry’s website states.

All in all, Sverdlovsk Region (through the Mid-Urals Development Corporation) owns 34.56% of the airport’s shares. The airport’s shareholders agreed to raise the enterprise’s authorized capital by 200,000 RUR through a share issue (200,000 of ordinary registered shares with face value of 1 RUR each), which means the government’s shareholding risks being diluted.

A portion of the shareholding will be sold by auction on January 26, 2015.

‘As neither the corporation nor Sverdlovsk Region have enough money to buy out the additional shares, a half of the current shareholding will be sold by auction to avoid the dilution),’ the Ministry explains.

The authorities are not planning on selling the other half of the shareholding, the website states.

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