Zinc producer of Chelyabinsk sums up its achievements in 2005

3 February 2006 (10:54)

Chelaybinskiy Tsinkoviy Zavod JSC, zinc plant of Chelyabinsk, produced 116,336 tons of zinc and zinc-based alloys in 2005, which signifies a 23% decrease compared to the previous year’s 151,974 tons, the company’s spokesperson Mikhail Bendyak said to UrBC representative.

Despite a fall in production, the company’s sales profits grew by 19% compared to 2004 (3,997,000,000 RUR) and thus reached the point of 4,770,000,000 RUR in 2005. Over 70% of the zinc produced by the company was distributed on the home market.

The plant intends to produce 130,000 tons if zinc in 2006.

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