Nefis Cosmetics JSC made to publish the court decision concerning trademark abuse

31 January 2006 (11:26)

The decision of Tartar Republic Court of court of Appellate Jurisdiction concerning the liability of Nefis Cosmetics JSC to publish the court order prohibiting the production and selling of its Milenkaya Feya (Pretty Fairy) shampoo is going to come into effect this week, reports the spokesperson for Kalina Concern JSC.

This court order is due to Kalina Concern JSC (the producer of Malenkaya Feya (Little Fairy), their registered trademark) making use of its own rights. The trademark legislation provides for the right of the producer to demand that the producer of infringing goods publish the castigating court decision at their own expense.

The order makes it obligatory that the document be published in the federal issue of Kommersant newspaper since there had been ample evidence that the infringing article had been distributed all over Russia and received a lot of negative consumer comments.

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