Tatarstan’s Court of Arbitration declined the suit of Nefis Cosmetics plc against Kalina concern plc

26 December 2005 (10:27)

The Court of Arbitration of Tartar Republic dismissed the claim laid by Nefis Cosmetics plc to Kalina concern plc regarding libel.

According to a Kalina’s spokesperson, the plaintiff had expected the court to classify concern’s published statements as to the plaintiff’s continual violation of trademark legislation as erroneous and disgracing, and to place a letter of apologies as well as the script of the court’s.

Meanwhile, the Court of Arbitration of Sverdlovk Region proceeded with the suit of Kalina concern plc against Nefis Cosmetics plc stating that the defendant be fined for illegal use of the company’s trademark.

The trademark in question was Malenkaya Feya (Little Fairy), the exclusive right to which of Kalina was violated by Nefis Cosmetics with its Milenkaya Feya (Pretty Fairy) shampoo – a name that strongly resembles Kalina’s counterpart. The court of arbitration resolved that Nefis Cosmetics plc should pay Kalina concern plc 300,000 RUR in compensation for the concern’s trademark abuse.

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