Kalina JSC to claim over 400,000 RUR as award of damage from Nefis Cosmetics JSC

17 April 2006 (08:50)

Kalina JSC is going to place a receiving order with Court of Tatarstan in order to claim 400,000 RUR from Nefis Cosmetics JSC. The sum had been awarded to Kalina JSC in compensation for illegal use of the company’s trademark, Malenkaya Feya (Little Fairy), as well as of the image of a little girl – Nefis Cosmetics had used it in the production of its Milenkaya Feya (Pretty Fairy) kids’ shampoo, which ad been qualified as counterfeiting. Part of the sum is constituted by Kalina’s legal expenses.

As Nefis Cosmetics still hasn’t paid the money awarded by the court it will have to be claimed forcefully via placing the receiving orders issued by the courts of arbitration with Tatarstan court officers. According to the existing legislation, in case Nefis Cosmetics fails to pay even then, the officers have the right to arrest the company’s accounts and property and then sell it at an auction. Moreover, the offender will have to pay 7% of the indebted sum as legal duty.

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