Chelyabinsk Region: Drivers Sent Back at Border

3 April 2020 (09:28)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, April 3, 2020. Road police offers are now checking the entire traffic around Chelyabinsk Region’s border because of the epidemiological issues in the area, Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry’s Southern Urals division’s press service reports.

According to the press service, the police made all drivers switch to contraflow lane reversal, with only one lane available on the roads now. All drivers and their passengers must get back to where they live. The only exception to this rule are vehicles transiting through Chelyabinsk Region and trucks delivering food and essential commodities.

The police officers also use public address appliances to remind the people of the need to self-isolate and to only leave their homes for a very good reason.

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