35% of Yekaterinburg drivers with fines don’t pay

28 May 2015 (09:26)

May 28, 2015. Some 35% of Yekaterinburg drivers with fines fail to pay them, the city’s road police report.

According to the police data, 199,963 fines (totaling to 154,396,200 RUR) were issued to Yekaterinburg drivers in the four months of 2015. 99,562,700 RUR worth of fines, or 64.5%, were paid. 431 offenders had to face administrative liability for non-payment of fines, with charges based on Article 20.25 (Part 1) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code.

‘Failure to pay a fine in time or in full is an offense that results in administrative liability. Besides, the Federal Service of Court Officers might take action in order to make the non-payer pay their fines,’ the police say.

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