MMK Launches E-Document Flow

16 March 2020 (09:10)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, March 16, 2020. MMK Group’s MMK-InformService designed and launched an e-document flow system at MMK Group’s member enterprises, Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Information & PR Department reports.

‘The system makes paperwork (drafting, approval/revision, signing, issuing assignments, and control over how assignments get worked on) automatic. The solution speeds up a company’s information flows, creates a single information environment, and saves employees’ time. The system’s primary advantages are its clear, intuitive interface, high speed, and mobile-device friendliness. MMK-InformService relied on the most up-to-date approaches to interface and algorithm design when working on the system,’ the company says.

The solution’s unique characteristics helped make document flow and business communication easier and faster, automate the routine components of paperwork, and save the workers more time for more sophisticated analytical and creative tasks.

‘The electronic document flow system is currently in use at 44 member enterprises of MMK Group, with over 10,000 employees connected to the system and 6,000,000+ documents and 7,000,000+ assignments created and issued so far. The release-quality version of the system, dubbed Atach in honor of Mount Magnitnaya’s former name, is available for purchase by external customers and has already been introduced at Krastsvetmet. The system gets improved on an ongoing basis so as to meet the customers’ needs and has received plenty of positive feedback by now,’ MMK’s press service says.

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