MegaFon Launches Smart Watch Trade-In in Yekaterinburg

6 March 2020 (10:47)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 6, 2020. MegaFon now runs a trade-in service for Apple and Samsung smart watches at its retail outlets. You can get up to 20% on your new device by trading your old one in.

‘In 2019, smart watch sales soared by 700% in unit terms and by 400% in money terms. New interesting makes in varying price ranges enter the market every six months, so the trade-in option lets you buy them at a discount,’ MegaFon says.

Just how big a discount you’ll get depends on the condition and the make of the device you’re planning to purchase. You’ll have to provide your device’s serial number in order to sign up for the bonus program. Besides, your old watch needs to be in working condition (i.e. it can be turned on and switched off and all the functions are there even if the thing is damaged in some way).

‘Smart watch sales are booming; unlike regular watches, however, electronic ones rarely become family heirlooms. One normally wants to get a new one in a year or two. MegaFon’s initiative helps you declutter the obviously obsolete devices and save money on a new purchase that will make you happy today and tomorrow,’ says FintechLab analyst Sergei Vilyanov.

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