Yekaterinburg: Monthly Pay for Jobs with Work-from-Home Option RUB 35,000 on Average

21 February 2020 (09:07)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 21, 2020. A job with a work-from-home option pays RUB 35,000 a month on average on Yekaterinburg labor market, Avito Rabota’s research findings indicate.

‘The number of search engine queries involving teleworking rose by 12% in 2019 compared with the year 2018. The number of CVs from candidates looking for remote work rose by 9.6%, whilst the number of respective job openings dropped by 1.1%. Candidates expect to make RUB 26,000 a month on average, whereas employers generally offer around RUB 35,000 a month,’ the research states.

‘This CV/job listing dynamics in the work-from-home sector indicates people are growing more rational about their life choices. The employees are unwilling to spend time and money on getting to work, while the employers see this as a way to cut rental costs and widen their HR options by taking on people from other parts of the country. The labor market segments that have the most teleworking job openings are sales, student/beginner jobs, and transportation. The labor market segments that get the most CVs are accounting, IT, and marketing,’ says Managing Director at Avito Rabota Artem Kumpel.

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