Sverdlovsk Region: Proposed Pay Comes to RUB 47,000+ A Month On Average

13 February 2020 (09:09)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 13, 2020. The average monthly pay advertised in Sverdlovsk Region labor market’s job openings increased from RUB 44,685 to RUB 47,010 in the course of one year, the job search portal HeadHunter’s recent research findings indicate.

The median pay, however, comes to RUB 37,000 a month (that is, 50% of people currently in the workforce get paid less than the given amount, while the other 50% get paid more).

‘Salaries and wages have been going up moderately but steadily for the last few years. The complicated labor market situation is a factor: employers competing for human resources proved last year’s most spectacular trend that is likely to grow even stronger in 2020. Offering a bigger pay is an obvious way to appeal to the potential workers with the right job skills. It’s worth noting, however, that companies are paying increasingly more attention to non-financial incentives such as an attractive HR brand, motivating job environments, a better benefits package, and professional and career growth opportunities,’ says Head of HeadHunter Ural Anna Osipova.

Both the local employers and the local job-seekers started the year off in a proactive manner: the number of job openings on Sverdlovsk Region market rose by 12% in January 2020 against January 2019, whilst the number of submitted CVs rose by 16%. A bit of competition for job positions remains, with the CV/vacancy ratio currently at 4.6/1. People looking for managerial positions were faced with the fiercest competition, with 7.1 CVs per vacancy.

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