Yekaterinburg job market shrinks by a quarter

13 March 2015 (09:20)

March 13, 2015. The number of jobs on Yekaterinburg labor market decreased by nearly a quarter compared with November 2014, findings of a research carried out by E1.Rabota indicate.

‘The number of job openings went down by 17% in December, which could have been related to the end-of-year factors, and rose by 14% as soon as January. However, the figure declined by 18% in February and by 23% against November 2014,’ E1.Rabota says.

The transport and automobile sector was the most affected one, as the number of available jobs dropped by 40%; the number of vacancies in the retail trade and blue-collar jobs sectors declined by 30% and 28%, respectively.

At the same time, the number of CVs posted by candidates went up by 59% compared with November 2014; the number of job-seekers increased most in the retail trade (98%), HR (86%), and legal services (85%) sectors.

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