Public Council Under Head of Yekaterinburg’s Leninsky Council Meets for The 1st Time

21 February 2020 (09:06)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 21, 2020. A public council has been set up under Head of Yekaterinburg’s Leninsky Council in order to ensure discussion on the vital local issues; the council is expected to meet on a regular basis.

Head of Leninsky Council Dmitri Nozhenko, Sverdlovsk Region’s Legislative Assembly Vice Chair Viktor Maslakov, Head of Leninsky Territorial Electoral Commission Irina Pyatkova, Chair of the local Veterans’ Council Elena Trubitsyna, and the housing developer RSG-Akademicheskoye’s Director-General Viktor Krivosheyin all joined the council as members and attended the first meeting.

‘We gathered here today to discuss the steps that need to be taken in order for the upcoming ballot on the proposed amendments to the RF Constitution to go smoothly in District Leninsky. First and foremost, this is about how the voting stations will be operating and how the local public will get informed of the event,’ Dmitri Nozhenko said.

According to Viktor Maslakov, informing the public of the proposed amendments to the Constitution and how they will affect the Russians’ lives, as well as of when the balloting will take place, are the two key issues. Maslakov said a public hearing would be held in District Leninsky a week before the event in order to sum up the results of the preparatory stage. Locals will also be called upon to act as proactive citizens and to take part in the balloting procedure.

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested making amendments to the current version of the RF Constitution on January 15. The ballot day has been set at April 22.

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