ChelPipe Group Supports Governor of Chelyabinsk Regionís Environmental Council Initiative

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, August 2, 2019. ChelPipe Groupís Chair of the Board of Directors Alexander Fedorov took part in Governor of Chelyabinsk Regionís recent meeting with members of the local scientific community, heads of large enterprises, and public activists; the meeting was dedicated to environmental policy in the area.

According to the Groupís press service, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Teksler proposed setting up an environmental council in Chelyabinsk Region. The council will be in charge of developing and introducing an environmental standard for the constituency and will also serve as an expert platform for discussing and testing the key environmental policy issues in the area.

ĎChelPipe Group fully supports Governor Tekslerís environmental council initiative. Iím confident the council will prove an efficient mechanism for coming up with relevant environmental protection solutions. ChelPipe Group is willing to join in the discussion and share its own expertise in the field of long-term environmental programs and launch of the best available techniques that meet both the Russian and the global environmental standards,í said ChelPipe Groupís Chair of the Board of Directors and First Vice President at Chelyabinsk Regionís Union of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs Alexander Fedorov.

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