10% Fewer Foreign Nationals Enter Russia in 2019

17 February 2020 (12:57)

UrBC, Moscow, February 17, 2020. 29.5m foreign nationals entered Russia last year, which was nearly 10% less than one year previously, Russia’s Federal Security Service’s Border Service’s data indicate.

The foreigners visiting Russia most frequently last year came from Ukraine (8.6m people), Kazakhstan (4.3m people), and Uzbekistan (2.58m people), followed by China (2.3m people), Tajikistan (1.57m people), and Azerbaijan (1.18m people). Kyrgyzstan (959,000 people), Finland (938,700 people), Armenia (816,500 people), and Germany (744,500 people) were also among the top ten sources of foreign visitors.

The top twenty list also featured Poland, Moldova, Abkhazia, Estonia, South Korea, Belarus, Mongolia, Latvia, and the United States, Finmarket reports.

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