Migration to Russia Peaks

24 July 2019 (15:09)

UrBC, Moscow, July 24, 2019. Russia’s migrant inflow reached a ten-year high in January-April 2019 and came to 98,000 people altogether. This looks anomalous, RIA Novosti refers to the Gaidar Institute and RANEPA’s report on the economic situation in Russia as indicating.

According to the report, the net migration figures soared from 57,100 people in January-April 2018 to as many as 98,000 people in January-April 2019. All in all, 281,600 people came to Russia in January-April 2019, whereas only 177,300 people did so one year earlier. The number of people leaving the country has remained essentially the same.

It is also stated that the migration dynamics for the year 2019 looks anomalous, compared with the earlier periods.

Fresh migrants mostly come from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Armenia.

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