120,266 People Leave Sverdlovsk Oblast in 2017

12 February 2018 (09:26)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 12, 2018. 120,266 people left Sverdlovsk Oblast last year and 120,480 people arrived in the constituency, Sverdlovskstat reports.

This means the migration-caused increase in population was 214 people (compared with 326 people in 2016).

44,137 people left Sverdlovsk Oblast for Russia’s other federal constituencies, with 40,771 people arriving in Sverdlovsk Oblast from other parts of the country. This means the interregional migration-caused decrease in population was 3,366 people (compared with 5,490 people in 2016).

4,464 foreign nationals left Sverdlovsk Oblast for CIS member states last year, with 8,371 people arriving in Sverdlovsk Oblast from the said CIS member states. This means migration-caused increase in population was 3,907 people (compared with 6,091 people in 2016).

As for the countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States, migration-caused decrease in Sverdlovsk Oblast’s population stood at 327 people (compared with 275 people in 2016). 394 foreign nationals from countries outsides the CIS arrived in the constituency last year and 721 locals went abroad.

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