OOO FORES Takes Sukhoi Log Schoolchildren on Guided Tour of Premises

24 January 2020 (09:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 24, 2020. OOO FORES’s Sukhoi Log branch coordinated a guided tour of its production site for schoolchildren from the town’s Gymnasium 1. The twelve- and thirteen-year-olds could take a look at how propping agents are made, the company’s press service reports.

‘The tour started off with a job safety video. Following this video induction, the children put on special protective gear (helmets, earplugs, and breathing masks) and went to look at the dry- and wet-grinding sites and the Quality Control Department. A set of tubs with propping agents of various sizes was waiting for the visitors at QC Department: the ceramic granules could be both looked at and touched. Moreover, the children could experiment with them: weigh them, sift them, and compare them when dry and when wet,’ the company says.

Director at OOO FORES’s Sukhoi Log branch Alexander Konstantinov greeted the visitors at the beginning of the tour and saw them off at the end. Throughout the tour of the plant, Head of QC Department Zhanna Russkikh and Senior Production Engineer at Production Department Andrei Zhylyanov accompanied the children on their visit.

‘Following a two-hour guided tour, the schoolchildren had some refreshments and were given souvenirs and sweets,’ the press service says.

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