OOO FORES’s Sukhoi Log Branch To Invest RUB 165m in Production Upgrades

20 November 2019 (09:08)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 20, 2019. OOO FORES’s Sukhoi Log branch started upgrading two of its production lines in early November; replacing the air venting and suction facilities with the new ones is going to make a large part of the overall renovation process, the company’s press service reports.

‘We keep upgrading our production equipment on a regular basis, which is why at least one of the production lines is always under repairs or reconstruction. Still, we had to take special steps to prepare for such a long downtime, that is, design a special schedule that would allow more than one contractor to work on the site,’ says Director at OOO FORES’s Sukhoi Log branch Alexander Konstantinov.

The reconstruction process will also involve rearranging the existing equipment in a more compact format in order to make room for additional appliances.

‘The dust- and gas-filtering facilities’ capacity will double or triple as a result. Among other things, this will mean the branch will be able to complete its large-scale project on installing high-capacity sock filters at spray-drying towers,’ FORES’s press service says.

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