FORES Keeps Modernizing Sukhoi Log Site

5 July 2019 (12:09)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 5, 2019. FORES Ltd’s Sukhoi Log branch keeps modernizing its production site, the company’s press service reports.

Three temporary landfills got covered with concrete in June as part of the company’s environmental protection program. Additionally, a car tire collection spot got organized, as well as a storm drain for the temporary wood waste disposal site. The jobs cost around RUB 80,000 to complete,’ the press service says.

According to the company’s representatives, all the production sites now meet all the existing sanitary standards. The concrete protects the soil underneath from any harmful influence of the waste, while storm water gets diverted into a special reservoir to get filtered and recycled in the production process later on.

‘The primary technology FORES relies upon to make proppant agents is actually waste-free. Thanks to the company’s gas-filtering appliances (including the latest sock filters), most of the dust gets trapped and reused in the production process. Besides, two of our member enterprises (the ones in Asbest and Sukhoi Log) have storm water filtering facilities that ensure 100% lack of runoff,’ FORES’s press service says.

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