EVRAZ NTMK: Head of Beam-Rolling Department Gets Honored Rolling Mill Operator Badge

24 October 2019 (09:08)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 24, 2019. Head of Beam-Rolling Department at EVRAZ Holding’s Nizhniy Tagil Integrated Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ NTMK) Dmitri Kavun received the Honored Rolling Mill Operator Badge during the 12th Rolling Mill Operators’ Congress in Vyksa, EVRAZ Holding Ural’s Corporate Communications Center’s PR Department reports.

The awards get distributed by the NGO Rolling Mill Operators’ Union. The badges are given to Russia’s best rolled metal goods industry workers who contributed greatly to the country’s development.

Dmitri Kavun has been working at his department for nearly twenty-five years now; he started his career as a hot-roll mill operator and got promoted to foreman and then the department’s Deputy Head for Technology. He was appointed Head of Beam-Rolling Department five years ago. Kavun was granted the status of Honored Metallurgist and that of Class I Foreman, was awarded EVRAZ Stele, and received honorary certificates and thank-you letters from EVRAZ Holding and Russia’s Industry & Trade Ministry.

EVRAZ NTMK is Russia’s only manufacturer of H-beams with strength grades S390 and S440. The plant’s Beam-Rolling Department makes 305 different kinds of beams. Under Kavun’s supervision, the department started making about thirty new beam types and a heavy-duty variety of structural beams.

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