Yekaterinburg: Planning for Second Underground Line Begins

7 October 2019 (09:07)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 7, 2019. Mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinsky signed an executive order to start area planning and demarcation for the second line of Yekaterinburg Underground; the news can be seen on the town council’s website.

‘The design work on the second line of the underground is in progress. A new underground line is still seen as one of the most important projects in celebration of Yekaterinburg’s 300-year anniversary. I should note that most town residents feel very positive about the project and believe the underground is vital to Yekaterinburg. The authorities intend to make a high-profile presentation to the federal government officials in order to obtain money from the Russian Federation’s budget, since Sverdlovsk Region’s budget and Yekaterinburg’s budget will not be able to handle this financial burden alone,’ Vysokinsky says.

Under the terms of the mayor’s order, the Master-Plan Workshop needs to come up with a layout proposal and an area demarcation plan for the second line of Yekaterinburg Underground from Yantarnaya to Kamennye Palatki, with a depot next to Lake Maly Shartash.

A ballot coordinated on the town council’s website in the summer of 2019 resulted in the overwhelming majority of voters (96% of respondents) deciding in favor of the underground extension. 165,000 to 170,000 passengers use Yekaterinburg Underground every weekday and some three to four million people use it every month.

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