FORES Updates Company Ethics Code

21 August 2019 (09:15)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 21, 2019. FORES made some updates to the company’s Ethics and Worker Conduct Code, the company’s press service reports.

Deputy Managing Director for Legal Issues at FORES Oleg Grigoriev says the company is trying to strike a balance between the workers’ rights and responsibilities in terms of how the employees may handle the information they get access to through work.

‘We made amendments to the respective sections of the code, setting strict limits as to how this information could be shared (including on social media) and to what extent the workers could communicate with the media. There’s now also a proviso on how incomplete/inaccurate information could seriously damage both other workers and the society at large and how you could be held liable under the Russian law for acting recklessly on account on this information,’ Grigoriev says.

According to FORES’s representatives, the company’s Ethics Code that came into effect in early July now sets the basic principles of professional ethics for the company employees. This includes complying with the business conduct conventions, conscientiousness, objectivity, high-quality performance, and outstanding communication culture.

The code makes it obligatory, for example, that the workers abstain from actions that might make someone doubt an employee’s conscientiousness; fight bribe-taking/giving practices; and remain impartial throughout.

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