Russia: Median Salary Exceeds RUB 34,000 A Month

22 July 2019 (08:59)

UrBC, Moscow, July 22, 2019. Russia’s median monthly salary came to RUB 34,300 in April; the average monthly pay came to RUB 47,600, Rosstat’s report indicates.

Within statistical reports, the median pay parameters get relied upon when there’s pronounced income inequality, with 50% of paid workers making more than the median income and the other 50% making less.

The current discrepancy between the median and the average monthly pay varies by territory and fluctuates between 13% and 31%.

According to Rosstat, the 10% best-paid workers make thirteen times more than the 10% lowest-paid ones: their monthly pay comes to RUB 157,200 and RUB 12,000, respectively.

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