EVRAZ ZSMK Upgrades Water Filters in West Siberian Power Station

17 May 2019 (13:35)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 17, 2019. EVRAZ Holding’s West Siberian Metallurgical Plant’s major power station is currently being upgraded, with gradual replacement of electric filters responsible for removing ash particles (the byproduct of coal-burning) from smoke gases, EVRAZ Holding Siberia’s Corporate Communications Center reports.

‘The upgraded filters ensure high-quality (98.5%) filtering of smoke gases and reduce our ash emissions by 3,000,000 kg a year. Investing in filter upgrades is one of EVRAZ West Siberian Metallurgical Plant’s top priority environmental programs. So far, the equipment has been replaced for one of the power station’s boilers. In 2019 and 2020, filters will get replaced at two more boilers; the project will require around RUB 600 million overall,’ the Center says.

Last year, one of the boilers switched from coal to blast furnace and coke gases, which reduced the ash emission by 2,000,000 kg a year.

The plant’s power station provides power supply to EVRAZ West Siberian Metallurgical Plant’s production site and heating to Districts Zavodsky and Novoilyinsky in Novokuznetsk.

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