Russia’s Car Imports Drop 8% in Q1’19

15 May 2019 (09:20)

UrBC. Moscow, May 15, 2019. Russia’s car imports dropped by 8% in the first three months of the year (total number: 61,500 units), Autostat reports.

According to Autostat, $1.6934 billion worth of automobiles got imported in Russia in January-March 2019. The number of cars imported in March (29,300 units worth $826.3m altogether) exceeded that of cars imported in February by 43.7%.

It is also reported that the imports of freight trucks rose by 23.4% (up to 6,000 units worth $489.9m altogether) in January-March 2019; 2,700 units (worth $193.3m altogether) got imported in March alone, which exceeded the figures for February by 47.2%.

The exports of freight trucks also dropped by 6.6% (2,700 units worth $70.7m). In March 2019, exports dropped by 6.5% compared with February and came to 1,100 units/$31.5m.

The exports of passenger vehicles, however, increased by 43.3% (22,700 units/$307m) in the first quarter of the year. 9,200 automobiles worth $132.5m got exported in March 2019, which exceeded the figures for February by 25.6%.

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