Russia’s Imports Drop 0.8%

13 May 2019 (09:07)

UrBC, Moscow, May 13, 2019. Russia imported $65.709bn worth of goods from the far abroad in January-April 2019, which was 0.8% less than one year previously, the Federal Customs Service’s report states.

According to the service, $18.5279bn worth of goods got imported into the country from the far abroad in April 2019 alone, which exceeded the figures for March 2019 by 3.4%. The import of chemicals rose by as much as 9.1% and amounted to $3.755bn, that of machine-building produce rose by 2.4% and amounted to $9.357bn, that of food items and related raw stuffs rose by 1.5% and amounted to $2.137bn, and that of textiles, clothing, and footwear dropped by 13.6% and amounted to $853.3m.

In terms of chemical produce imports in April 2019, the amount of imported organic and inorganic chemical produce increased by 14.4%, that of polymeric stuffs and raw rubber rose by 9.9%, that of pharmaceuticals went up by 5.6%, that of soap and detergents rose by 3.8%, and that of perfumes and cosmetics rose by 3.5%.

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