Number of Forged Bills in Chelyabinsk Region Drops 3 Times

25 April 2019 (09:48)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, April 25, 2019. 63 forged bills got identified within Chelyabinsk Region’s banking system in the first quarter of 2019, which was 2.7 times less than one year previously.

According to the Bank of Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region division, they found 51 5,000-ruble bills and 10 1,000-ruble ones that had been forged. The number of the former thus dropped by 65% (2.9 times) compared with one year earlier, while the number of the latter dropped by 5 bills.

‘One reason the number of forged bills went down in Chelyabinsk Region is that the Bank of Russia had the banks’ tellers trained. Besides, locals have also grown more aware of banknote authenticity issues. For one, everyone can now get full information about the current banknote security features on CBR Banknote App,’ says Head of the Bank of Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region division Oleg Molev.

Additionally, three forged foreign currency bills got identified with the banking system in the first quarter of the year: one 50-dollar bill, one 100-dollar bill, and one 100-yuan one. A year earlier, the count was ten 100-dollar bills and one 20-dollar one.

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