Central Bank: 10,467 Forged Russian Banknotes Found in QIII’18

25 October 2018 (09:39)

UrBC, Moscow, October 25, 2018. 10,467 forged ruble bills were found within the Russian Federation’s banking system in the third quarter of 2018; this is 267 banknotes fewer than one year earlier, the Central Bank’s press service reports.

5,000-ruble bills get forged most often (7,616 bills got uncovered in the given period all in all); the number of forged 1,000-ruble bills is nearly three times smaller: 2,425. Added to this are 95 forged 2,000-ruble bills and 3 forged 200-ruble bills, as well as 37 counterfeit coins (4 10-ruble ones, 32 5-ruble ones, and 1 1-ruble one).

As for foreign currency bills, 532 forged banknotes were found on the market in the third quarter of the year. 488 of these banknotes are U.S. dollars, complemented by some forged euro bills, Chinese yuan bills, and one fake UK pound sterling bill.

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