ChelPipe Group Works on Premium Threaded Joint Technologies

15 March 2019 (11:00)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 15, 2019. ChelPipe Group recently launched an experimental site to develop ChelPipe Prime threaded joints; this hi tech produce is meant to meet the customers’ growing demands occasioned by increasingly more difficult conditions of oil and gas production.

The new experimental site is located at ChelPipe Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s (PNTZ) Finishing Center for OCTGs. The project required RUB 50 million in investments.

The company is now working on prototypes of premium threaded joints, testing their technological and operational properties as early as the design stage. The experimental site has all the necessary high-precision thread-cutting, end-constricting, and coupling screwing-on equipment.

‘The demand for pipes with premium threaded joints is growing by the year, so we keep on building our share of the high tech produce market. The new site is the first stage in creating an up-to-date innovative R&D center that is meant to generate new ideas for products and services, ensure a wider premium product range, and speed up the design, production, and market launch of premium produce on an ongoing basis,’ says ChelPipe Group’s Director Kirill Nikitin.

The plant’s casing and pumping and compression pipes with premium threaded joints are used within vertical, slanted, and horizontal oil wells. These heavy-duty pipes are well suited to withstand stretching, necking, and external and internal pressure in combination.

ChelPipe Group has been selling OCTGs with premium threaded joints and providing after-sale services to customers since 2012. The plant’s overall supply of oil country tubular goods to customers rose by 9.2% last year and reached 405,000,000 kg; the sales of OCTGs with premium threaded joints went up by 50% in 2018 compared with the year 2017.

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