UBRD Launches Updated M-Banking Platform

13 March 2019 (09:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 13, 2019. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development (UBRD) launched an updated version of its mobile banking platform recently, the bank’s press service reports.

‘One advantage is that the system’s interface is completely new and more user-friendly, while the navigation principles are now intuitively clear; we also provide very easy-to-find information on our subscription packages and pricing policy, and there are many other interesting updates as well. The banking app has also grown more personalized: if someone is interested in a loan, for example, this will be the very first type of information they will see when entering the platform. The new app is also totally different from the older version in that it takes considerably fewer clicks to complete a transaction, get a bank statement, make a payment, or send money,’ the press service says.

According to the app developers, their approach to working on this project proved quite innovative in that all the tech solutions were found and put together within the bank. This is, to date, the first such case in the history of Yekaterinburg-based banks.

‘It was not our goal to copy our competitors’ products. Every bank’s customers are different, so we had to look at what our particular customers want and how they use our services. We’ve come up with a range of mobile banking platforms to choose from, and every app got tested in focus groups. A research on the client-side scripts helped us make completing transactions easier, make the steps needed to be taken intuitively clear to the user, and help people find the kind of banking options they actually need,’ says the UBRD Digital Solutions Director Alexander Pateshman.

According to the bank’s statistical data, their m-banking app user database is now growing faster than their online banking one, so the developers focused specifically on the launch of a new smartphone-friendly app.

‘We adopted the strategy of Mobile First, which means the focus is on mobile solutions. We therefore concentrated on designing a mobile banking app, with greater attention paid to client-side script improvement rather than an increase in the app functionality. This isn’t as inconsistent as it might seem, since an app might work as an assortment of impressive features put together — or as a very easy-to-use system where the basic and most frequently completed operations are intuitively clear,’ says UBRD E-Business Director Vadim Belopolsky.

Users who already have the UBRD mobile banking app don’t need to have anything new downloaded: the new interface will be there after the next automatic update. Those who haven’t installed the app yet can now do so on App Store or Google Play.

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