Yekaterinburg: Schools in Akademicheskiy Excel Educationally

6 March 2019 (09:22)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 6, 2019. Four schools built in Yekaterinburg's District Akademicheskiy meet all the modern requirements and offer excellent opportunities for studying, sports, and extracurricular activities, says Yekaterinburg Duma deputy and Director of Akademicheskiy Management Company Nikolai Smirnyagin.

'These schools excel not only in terms of furnishing and facilities but also in terms of education quality. They are now among the city's best in this respect. The student's Russian State Exam scores prove this very well: School 14, for example, has the average student score of 74.83 out of 100 for Russian (whereas the city's average is now 72.37). Things look pretty much the same with the scores for Mathematics. School 16 has the average student score of 4.72 out of five for Basics (whereas the city's average is now 4.64). Students in their final year at School 19 did better than Sverdlovsk Region's average in nearly every subject from Russian and History to Chemistry and Geography to Biology,' Smirnyagin said.

Smirnyagin also said there are usually plenty of students graduating with honors. Twenty school-leavers received honorary gold medals at School 19 alone. Besides, local students do very well in inter-school contests.

'We have teams of young teachers here who invested in the students' success. The school principals managed to take on both experienced teachers and great young professionals, let them get creative, and supported the best ones. What is more, there's great teacher-parent interaction at our schools. Local parents are proactive contributors to school life and not mere bystanders. All in all, schools in Akademicheskiy are now a part of the area's socio-cultural community and the core of its well-being and development,' Smirnyagin says.

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