ChelPipe Group Launches Children’s Tech Park in Pervouralsk

14 December 2018 (09:42)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 14, 2018. ChelPipe Group launched Quantorium Children’s Tech Park at Innovative Culture Center in Pervouralsk this week, the Group’s press service reports.

The solemn opening ceremony made part of the All-Russian Children’s Tech Park Opening Marathon coordinated by New Education Format Development Foundation and Russia’s Education Ministry.

ChelPipe Quantorium was set up by ChelPipe Group and Sverdlovsk Region Government as a public-private partnership. The 550-square-meter park comprises a number of quantum units (multi-aspect tech creativity locations) fitted with advanced equipment, including Geo & IT Quantum, VR and Augmented Reality, Industrial Art, and PromRobo. There’s also some interactive recreational space, a lecture hall, and a chess room.

ChelPipe Group invested RUB 25 million into the project. Next year, the tech park will also get Hi Tech Quantum, a new unit that will get financed from Sverdlovsk Region’s budget funds.

ChelPipe Quantorium is free to attend. Up to 1,500 children in the 7-17 age bracket are expected to take part in the park’s events and workshops every year.

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