Quantorium Children’s Tech Park Opens in Pervouralsk

13 December 2018 (09:32)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 13, 2018. ChelPipe Group’s Quantorium Children’s Tech Park opens at Innovative Culture Center at 18B Lenin St in Pervouralsk at 4 PM on December 13, 2018.

The solemn opening ceremony will make part of the children’s tech park opening marathon in which over thirty new sites in twenty-five different parts of Russia are participating.

‘ChelPipe Quantorium was set up by ChelPipe Group in collaboration with the government-run New Education Format Development Foundation and with support from Sverdlovsk Region Government and Pervouralsk Council,’ the Group’s press service says.

The opening ceremony will get attended by representatives of the Governor’s Administration, Sverdlovsk Region ministries’ officials, Mayor of Pervouralsk Igor Kabets, Managing Director of ChelPipe Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) Alexei Dronov, and schoolchildren aged seven to seventeen.

Quantorium is a children’s tech park fitted with all kinds of hi tech equipment that aims to train new, highly skilled engineers and help develop, test, and launch innovative technologies and ideas. ChelPipe Quantorium is one of the three tech parks that got launched in Sverdlovsk Region on December 13.

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