PNTZ: 4 Workers Receive State Awards

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 13, 2018. Four employees of ChelPipe Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) received government awards based on the Russian President’s special decree. The solemn awarding ceremony took place at Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District’s office, the Group’s press service reports.

PNTZ Managing Director Alexei Dronov received the Medal of the Order ‘For Merit to the Fatherland’ (Class II). Dronov came to work at PNTZ as a foreman’s assistant two decades ago. He proved highly professional and managerially talented and so was appointed PNTZ Production Director at the age of 29. Dronov ran Pervouralsk Council in 2013-2016 and has been active as Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly’s deputy since 2016. He has received numerous honorary certificates and thank-you letters over the years.

Ferrous Metal Production Quality Control Engineer Tatiana Kuznetsova received the Medal of the Order ‘For Merit to the Fatherland’ (Class II) as well. Kuznetsova has been working at PNTZ Pipe-Drawing Department since 1974. She has submitted over a hundred improvement proposals over the years and proved a valuable mentor for the younger workers.

Foreman of the Cold-Roll Mill Section Alexander Tikhonin was awarded the Order of Friendship. Tikhonin has been working at the plant for over forty years and is a highly respected professional. Tikhonin’s entire family are employed with PNTZ, with the labor dynasty’s accumulated work record amounting to more than two hundred years all in all.

PNTZ Tech Issues Adviser Valeriy Treskin was awarded the title of Russian Federation’s Honored Power Engineer. Treskin has worked at the plant for more than fifty years and moved on from an electrician to the plant’s Senior Engineer. He supervised the improvements in the plant’s power supply system and electrical equipment upgrades. Thanks to Treskin, PNTZ enjoys an uninterrupted power supply at all of its departments.

More than thirty PNTZ employees have received government awards in the last five years altogether.

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