Ural Shoppers Pay by MegaFon Card Over 2,000,000 Times in 2018

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 6, 2018. The Urals-based Russians have used MegaFon’s banking card over 2,000,000 times to pay for their shopping this year so far, the telecommunications provider’s press service reports.

‘The company’s big data reveal how shopping patterns fluctuate depending on the season, in what time of the year men tend to part with their money more eagerly, and which season sees the male and female shoppers’ clocks ticking in the same rhythm. For one, women generally spend more in the summer, with their average receipt amount and the overall amount of money spent on purchases going up. Men, on the contrary, turn into more lavish spenders in the winter: they allocate eight times more money for shopping in the cold season than do women. Both sexes’ biological clocks synchronize in the spring, when both male and female customers spend approximately the same amounts of money,’ the press service says.

It appears that the Urals’ locals focus on cleaning options and getting new photos taken more actively in December: their cards are most often used to pay hired cleaners and photographers during this winter month. Throughout the winter, they also pay out their loans, rent all kinds of equipment, and use paid parking lots and security systems. From March on, entertainment, hotels, and plane tickets replace the winter’s favorites as the most frequently paid-for goods and services. Once June arrives, paying for clothing and beauty parlor visits become the most poplar banking transactions. In the fall, most money goes to home remodeling, freight forwarding services, car rentals, and housing bills.

Plane ticket booking and stamp duty/fine payments proved the largest one-time transactions made by MegaFon card holders this year. These amounted to over RUB 75,000 and RUB 21,000, respectively.

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