MMK Saves RUB 53.6m Through Improvement Proposals

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, November 28, 2018. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) saved RUB 53.6m in the third quarter of 2018 thanks to its workers’ improvement proposals.

According to MMK’s Information & PR Department, their expert committees looked into 1,524 proposals in the third quarter. 1,015 of these (66% of all the papers submitted) got approved; a year earlier, the approval percentage was 58.5%.

28.02% of improvement proposals dwelled on job and industrial safety; 12.73% dealt in resource savings; 9.45% and 49.8% of proposals were dedicated to energy efficiency and other production aspects, respectively.

MMK’s management sees improvement proposals and inventors’ projects as the basis for personnel growth and advancement of the plant’s competitive advantages. In 2018, the company keeps working to involve more workers into the technical creativity flow. 346 employees submitted their proposals to expert committees in the third quarter of the year, and RUB 3.5m got paid out in premiums and royalty fees.

As of January-September 2018, the share of company workers who contribute to improvement projects came to 4.44% for the Senior Metallurgist’s Department, to 4.27% for the Senior Rolling Mill Operator’s Department, to 18.8% for the plant’s Energy Departments, and to 6.3% in all the other departments. This means that the average involvement coefficient came to 6.59%.

The workers can now use a mobile app to submit their improvement proposals. The guiding principle is ‘You see an improvement opportunity, you voice it right on the spot.’ The app is very easy to use to make sure all the employees and external experts who want to join in the company’s improvement activities can work together comfortably.

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