MMK: Innovations Result in 20% Savings Increase

2 July 2018 (09:33)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, July 2, 2018. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) managed to save over RUR 255m as a result of innovative developments and improvement proposals in January-May 2018; this exceeds the figures for a year earlier by nearly 20%, MMK Information & PR Department reports.

‘Our expert boards processed 2,108 improvement proposals in the first five months of the year. 1,432 proposals got approved, which means 67.9% of all the submitted ideas proved a success (compared with 63.6% a year earlier). 423 innovative ideas got considered in May alone, and 292 got approved. 54% of these ideas had to do with job safety and industrial safety issues. 12% dwelt on resource savings, 6% were related to energy efficiency, and 28% dealt with other aspects of production process,’ the Department says.

The plant’s Senior Metallurgist’s Department saved RUR 107.5m as a result of its improvement proposals implementation; the Senior Power Engineer’s Department saved RUR 52.6m; the Blast Furnace Department and the Power Station Department saved RUR 64m and RUR 48m, respectively.

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