Yekaterinburg: Online Shops Sell Endangered Fish

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 19, 2018. Public prosecution authorities of Yekaterinburg’s District Zheleznodorozhny identified six websites that sell salmon trout (Hucho taimen), Siberian white salmon (Stenodus leucichthys), and whitefish (Coregonus gen.) online. All of the three fish varieties are currently on Russia’s endangered species list.

‘The prosecuting attorney appealed to Yekaterinburg’s Zheleznodorozhny Court, asking to rule that it is illegal to make public any information relating to online trading in salmon trout, Siberian white salmon, and whitefish,’ Sverdlovsk Region Public Prosecution Authorities’ press service says.

The court sustained the prosecuting attorney’s claim in full; the websites are no longer accessible; the data are no longer publicly available.

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