Governor Dubrovsky: Town Councils to Work on Urban Transit Schemes

17 October 2018 (10:50)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, October 17, 2018. Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky coordinated a meeting with local town mayors, who reported on how Russian President Vladimir Putin’s provisions on the development of urban transit schemes by local authorities got complied with, Southern Urals Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

The comprehensive urban transit scheme is the groundwork strategic plan that describes and systematizes the following transport infrastructure components: the number of bus/tram stops; the number of zebra crossings and underground pedestrian crossings; and the technical means that will be used for traffic coordination.

‘When no such scheme is available, we end up with, say, three zebra crosswalks in one small section of a street, which triples the likelihood of an accident. When working on a given scheme, we can convert the three zebra crossings into one proper one with traffic lights, which will enhance road safety greatly,’ said Chelyabinsk Region’s Deputy Minister for Traffic Alexander Filippov.

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