First Freight Company Does Tank Leak Prevention Drills in Chelyabinsk

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, October 4, 2018. First Freight Company’s Chelyabinsk subsidiary coordinated its first tech drill at Nickel Washing & Steaming Station involving the station staff and employees of Russian Railways (acceptance inspectors and shunting masters working at Nickel Rail Station). The drill focused on how to detect and prevent leaks at tank-type railcars, the company’s press service reports.

Head of Nickel Washing & Steaming Station Oleg Shindyaev commented on the importance of doing joint drills to prevent tank leakage.

‘The timing for this workshop is simply perfect: winter, the most challenging season in our field, is coming. It was crucial to check how well every employee knows a tank’s problem spots. Our employees, as well as our partners from Russian Railways, have demonstrated today that transportation of oil cargo is fully under control. I believe we are going to make such drills a regular event,’ Shindyaev said.

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