MMK Sets Lining Resistance Record

1 October 2018 (09:38)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, October 1, 2018. A refractory lining resistance record was set for the twin hearth furnace (THF) of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Electric Steel-Smelting Department this month, MMK Information & PR Department reports.

The periclase-carbonaceous refractory lining remained three full months in THF No. 32 and withstood 1,265 melting rounds successfully. The last time a lining resistance record was broken was in 2005, when the inside lining held through 1,259 melting rounds. Being able to use the same lining for an increased number of melting operations means a greater product output and higher production efficiency due to reduced refractory material spending and decreased repair costs.

The new lining resistance record could only be set thanks to concerted efforts of the THF team and of all the other departments involved in the process. MMK steel-makers keep improving on their steel-smelting techniques and see to it that the lining gets taken good care of. To make the refractory products more durable, the liquid metal must be kept in the unit for a very specific amount of time; temperature fluctuations must be avoided; and checkups and maintenance must occur regularly. The quality of refractory products is also a crucial factor, and the plant’s purchasing departments are in charge of controlling for it. Things like the quality of the lining process (which OOO OSK’s Furnace Repair Department is responsible for) and the torkret process (spraying the lining with refractory powder to enhance durability) also affect the product’s lifespan.

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