Sverdlovsk Region’s Borrowers Take Longest To Repay Loans

31 August 2018 (09:38)

UrBC, Moscow, August 31, 2018. According to the National Credit History Bureau’s press service, a consumer loan issued in Russia gets paid out in 3.83 years on average as of QII’18, which is 5.5 months, or 13.4% longer than one year earlier (when the loan period was 3.38 years long on average).

The bureau says the loan period extended the most where the smallest consumer loans (under RUR 100,000) are involved: the increase was by ten months, or 39.9%. The largest consumer loans (over RUR 500,000), on the other hand, now get repaid only slightly more slowly than earlier: the increase was by about four months, or 6.1%.

Large consumer loans (RUR 500,000 or more) get repaid the longest, with the average loan period at 5.23 years. By contrast, small consumer loans (RUR 100,000 or less) get repaid the fastest, with the average loan period at 2.86 years.

Sverdlovsk Region happens to be one Russian constituency where borrowers take the longest to repay their consumer loans: 4.64 years on average. The figure for the neighboring Chelyabinsk Region is 3.79 years (No. 50 in the countrywide rating).

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