UralVagon Zavod Declines to Comment on Armata Purchases by Government

3 August 2018 (12:52)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 3, 2018. UralVagonZavod Scientific & Production Corporation (UVZ) declined to comment on Russian Vice Premier Yuri Borissov’s recent announcement that buying the corporation’s Armata platform-based T14 tanks would be inexpedient.

This is the answer UrBC received from UVZ press service after inquiring if the company knew the Defense Ministry had changed its mind about purchasing the new-generation, Armata-based tanks, and if the company thought it likely that orders for their vehicles would still get placed by the Russian Government, despite the announcement.

Now Russia’s Vice Premier Yuri Borissov, who is in charge of the country’s military industry, said in late July that purchasing Armata T14 from UVZ would be inexpedient, price wise. According to Borissov, the taxpayers’ money should get spent on upgrading old vehicles rather than on buying new ones.

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