MegaFon: 70% More Customers Use Cash-Back Options

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 2, 2018. The number of MegaFonís cash-back option #—ÔŚŲŤŤ rose by nearly 70% by the middle of summer vacation season, the telecommunications providerís press service says.

The Urals are now the third biggest market for the service, only outstripped by Moscow Region and the Volga Region. People mostly make their purchases on AliExpress,, and

ĎAs for the breakdown within Ural Region, customers based in Sverdlovsk Region, Yugra, and Tyumen Region accumulate more cash-back bonuses than any others: 25%, 20%, and 12%, respectively, of the registered service users are based in these three constituencies. The share of Chelyabinsk Region-based #—ÔŚŲŤŤ users is a little lower: 10%. All the other customers who enjoy getting some bonus points on their shopping live in Yamal, Kirov Region, Komi, and Udmurtia,í the press service says.

The top ten companies that people order from using the cash-back option are AliExpress, MegaFon,, M.Video, LaModa, LitRes, CityLink, Delivery Club, Labirint, and KupiKupon.

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