Urals’ Natives Use Twice As Much Traffic Abroad As Last Summer

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 23, 2018. Russians living in the Urals now spend more time online when traveling abroad: according to MegaFon’s press service, Sverdlovsk Region-based international travelers used twice as much Internet traffic in June 2018 as they did one year earlier.

This amount of data would be enough to view a thirty-day long video non-stop. Sverdlovsk Region-based tourists downloaded/uploaded the equivalent of 500 movies when they were abroad in June. Those based in Tyumen Region came second in this ‘race’ and downloaded/uploaded the amount of data roughly comparable to 55,000 photographs while on their vacations. Tourists from Chelyabinsk Region and Yugra used the amount of traffic that equals to 300 nine-hour-long audiobooks during their international travels in June.

According to MegaFon’s press service, this surge in online traffic was due to their Goodbye, Roaming Package. This option means you can travel all over the world and use the Internet connection at home network price. The package proved useful to many travelers who’ve been to 126 different countries all over the world, from the popular destinations to the remotest places on the planet.

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