Russia: Cheapest Home Travel 19% Pricier

UrBC, Moscow, July 23, 2018. Russian travelers tend to prefer international vacations this summer and mostly head for countries where no entry visa is required, reports.

Turkey remains the most popular destination as always: the share of Russians going there in the summer rose from 19.91% last year to 28.21% in 2018. Greece comes next on the list, even though its share dropped from 8.8% down to 7.54%. Cyprus is No. 3 this year; its share of travelers increased from 3.66% to 6.34%.

Trips to Armenia grew 62% more expensive in the course of one year and now cost RUR 22,600 for the cheapest package. Those to the United Arab Emirates are now 53% more expensive and start from RUR 44,700, and those to Montenegro and Thailand grew 29% and 26% more expensive and start from RUR 39,000 and RUR 29,700, respectively.

As for domestic travel, the price of home trips rose by 19% on average compared with one year earlier; the cheapest packages can be had for RUR 20,600. At the same time, the demand for domestic tours dropped by 5%.

Also, the cheapest travel options for China, Bulgaria, and Greece are now even less expensive: the prices are down by 25% (to RUR 33,300), 8% (to RUR 23,500), and 4% (to RUR 33,200). respectively.

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