Vacation prices go up 20%, Zima-Leto says

2 August 2010 (08:59)

‘So far, we have sold 30% more tours this year compared with a year earlier, and 10% more tours than in the year 2008. At the same time, the vacations grew, on average, 20% more expensive against the season of 2009,’ Director of Zima-Leto Group Olga Gulyar says.

‘As for the most popular destinations, Turkey has traditionally broken all the possible records. The other popular t holiday destinations are enjoying demand this year as usual, for example, this is true of Egypt. The popularity of tours to Tunis is exceeding our tour operators’ boldest expectations; in fact, no last-minute offers are even available here. As for the countries of Europe, most holiday-makers head for Italy and Bulgaria, whereas the demand for West-European countries like Germany or France is still low because these destinations are much more expensive,’ she explains.

‘Nevertheless, Greece is still the least popular place with travelers at the moment due to the unstable situation inside the country,’ Gulyar notes.

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